Preventative Gynecology

Take Good Care of You

Woman to woman, we know our bodies best. And when you take good care of your health, your body can take good care of you. That’s why it’s so important to keep up with your regular gynecology wellness exams and screenings.

Rosa Gynecology offers:

  • Accurate pregnancy tests
  • On-site digital mammograms
  • On-site pelvic ultrasounds
  • In-house mammographers
  • Pap smears
  • Well-woman exams

Let’s Talk About You

At Rosa Gynecology, our gynecology specialists and nurse practitioners are all women too, taking good care of our community, as only women know.

Schedule Your Wellness Exam or Screening

But it’s not just about gynecology exams and mammograms. Your relationship with your community OB/GYN is a lifelong conversation. What is your body telling you? How is your body changing from puberty through menopause and beyond? What questions are busy in your brain? What concerns are heavy on your heart?
A group of diverse women.

Women Know!

Preventative Gynecology, By Women, For Women