Recently, one of our outstanding staff members suggested that my partners and I do a podcast on, “aging gracefully.” This was right after we debuted our 2021 social media video ushering in this holiday season. We collaborated with a wonderful woman and her dance studio, Vibez in Motion, located in Fayetteville, GA, Tasha Williams. The theme was all about empowerment, representation, healthy physical movement and having fun. I decided to jot down some thoughts on this beautiful sunny Fall day before I go out to walk my trusty companion, Mr. Rocky.

I am turning 60 in 2022. Yes, another momentous decade dawns and I am approaching this next leg of the journey with anticipation, intention, the wisdom of my ancestors and lessons learned especially recently during this pandemic. All of which is encompassed by the theme that led us during planning the content of the dance video. My partners and I wanted to showcase who we are and what we professionally try to embody and encourage all those around us to strive for: empowerment, representation and healthy physical movement.

Those who have known me all my life know that I was born with Broadway, dance and the theater in my blood. Can’t sing, can’t act but my sweet visionary mother enrolled me in dance classes as a child at Spelman dance academy and there my soul found its wings. Am I a virtuoso performer, prima ballerina or jazz hands expert? No, but in my mind, heart and spirit I am. And that’s all that really matters isn’t it, finding that which makes your heart sing and brings you joy. So after decades of dancing though college and the reality that my true calling, medicine, left no time for such pursuits, I left that part of me go while I followed another path. How wonderful it is that one professional love of my life brought me back to another. Walking into that studio I felt my second, third and fourth wind invigorate my being! It’s never too late.

Point 1 on aging gracefully—find a source of healthy physical movement that brings you joy and is sustainable throughout your life. 

Dr. Greene celebrated her 25th anniversary with PTCOBGYN in 2021. Now all the doctors of this Practice have been here over 25 years. We found our girl crew, work crew ride-or-dies! We indulge each other’s peculiarities, passions, challenges and mis-steps reminding each other to just keep going and we got each other’s back. Sooooo when I suggested that we do a dance video this year, though doubtful and with a little trepidation they said, “ok, let’s do this!” We practiced, corrected, stretched, stepped outside of comfort zones and most importantly enjoyed the process from start to finish. Is the video perfect? No, but it perfectly reflects what has kept us together over 25 years, all for one and one for all!

Point 2 on aging gracefully— find your crew, your tribe who corrects, supports, has bail money and tells you not to forget to stretch: your mind, body and possibilities.

Lastly, I have been blessed to work in a field that gives me personal, professional and financial fulfillment. I am truly grateful and humbled. What I know now, even more than ever, is that with all of that being true, there is more to life than my work. Work life balance is more critical and essential now than ever before. No amount of work accolades, professional gains or money can make up for or replace time with those you love and who love you. As great as a my work life is, my life outside of work is stellar. I am so grateful for the treasured friends and family who surround me with their support and grounding. I am grateful that I have purposeful work and pursuits that extends beyond PTCOBGYN. And that’s ok. We all should.

Point 3 on aging gracefully— never prioritize work over the rest of life, don’t put all your eggs in one basket and as much as possible live beneath your means and save for retirement. Whatever that means. It comes sooner than you think.