Painful menstrual cycles are very common in adolescents often starting within 6-12 months of them beginning their periods. Most commonly there is no underlying abnormality of their anatomy, just a very unfortunate circumstance of growing up for some young ladies. Rarely, there can be some underlying condition such as endometriosis or infection.

Your gynecologist can definitely evaluate and manage this, often with medical treatments alone. We will consult with you and your daughter on an effective plan of care based frequently on her medical history alone. Whether a pelvic examination or other diagnostic examination is warranted is individualized based on clinical factors that we will discuss and explain to you and your adolescent so everyone understands in easy terms in a non-threatening environment.

Management options include NSAID’s (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofen, hormonal agents and/or complementary and alternative therapies like certain vitamins or nutritional supplements. Alone or in combination these options can be very effective. Our goal is to provide symptom relief, normal resumption of school and extracurricular activities and protection of her future fertility.

When you trust us in the care of your daughter we endeavor to establish a long-term family and patient relationship to provide education, support and lifelong health and wellness information and communication…woman to woman!

(reference: ACOG Committee Opinion Number 760: Dysmenorrhea and Endometriosis in the Adolescent)